It seems like we discovered the secret to low water conditions. We absolutely crushed it this morning. We were maxing our limit on Cohos and Springs before 10 am. We were fishing with a group of friends that were new to fishing, and hoping we would get them into at least 1 fish, so they would have the chance to experience what a fight felt like, but we absolutely blasted through expectations. Our friends hooked up chum and massive springs, being their first time fishing. I hope we don’t ruin future fishing expectations.

We arrived around 6 am and the air was filled with smoke while we could clearly see ash drifting through the air. The full moon disappeared over the hills and the bites were nonstop. We threw everything from jigs to grub tails.. from spinners to spoons.. from beads to blades. The fish smashed literally everything we were throwing. We were lucky to be at a point where we were fairly selective of the fish we decided to keep. One of the key tickets to our success was smaller almost micro-sized jigs.. we sized down almost everything except spinners and blades. Considering the water clarity and depth we wanted to approach it as if fishing in Stealth mode on the Capilano. We hooked the majority of our fish with this technique. Another method that produced tremendous results was large spinners, we were fishing big flashy size 4 blue fox and size 5 Luhr Jensen metric spinners (I can’t find these anywhere anymore if anyone knows where I can buy these pls DM me) these fish absolutely inhaled the spinners, while some fish would chase and tap before committing on the retrieve. We tweaked our technique and methods until we were dialled in distance, sink rate, and retrieve speed & twitch techniques.

The majority of the fish were still fairly chrome while some were starting to turn. We cleaned up and left around 10:30 am just as the bulk of the derby fisherman started filling up the run. We cleaned, bagged and dragged our bag out through a 30-minute hike to our car. Today was a good day.

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